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Traditional Japan, the land of geisha, red and gold temples and pebble gardens, is best appreciated in Kyoto and  in the former capital city of Nara. For the futuristic vision of urban living side of the Land of the Rising Sun, then head to Tokyo and perhaps Osaka. Don't ignore though, the many experiences in between. The glorious Mount Fuji, rice paddies, hot springs and acres of green bamboo forests await the more adventurous traveller.

Try Japan both ways. The sedate, ceremonial and proudly traditional is beautiful, inspiring and relaxing. Then try the whirlwind, always changing, consumer greed-fuelled cities. The space-age megapolis of Tokyo brings chaos, yes, and a glimpse of a future we may not want to come true, but its relentless pace and unabashed love of the future are invigorating.

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