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A countryside of dense jungles, volcanoes and ancient stone temples are the focal points of Indonesia. Sheer drop waterfalls and volcanic lakes take your breath away in the lush green countryside, while in more touristy areas local artists tempt you with wooden carvings, silverwork and handwoven fabrics.

The cities, colourful, bursting with life, assault the senses. Street vendors push carts of steamed dumplings or freshly cleavered fruits. Saffron-clad monks pass in sedate processions or distribute bowls of rice to the city's poor.

The coasts and smaller islands are a haven of soft sand beaches and vibrant turquoise seas, perfect for sunbathing and snorkelling.

Head to Bali for upscale resorts, Lombok for beach life, Java for temples and Sumatra for adventures amid jungle and volcanic lakes.

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